Bad Driving Habits

Every year on British roads a huge number of road traffic accidents occur because of the bad driving habits motorists continue to display at the wheel of their car. These habits, including speeding and using a mobile phone whilst driving, are the cause of a significant number of crashes and collisions which could easily have been avoided. Money Supermarket investigates 10 of the most dangerous driving habits and explains the risks associated with each of these.

It’s clear that eradicating these driving habits would have a major impact on the number of accidents that take place on Britain’s roads. It really shouldn’t be that difficult to reduce the number of accidents as the habits mentioned are easily avoidable.

The problem is getting drivers to implement the necessary changes to their driving habits to ensure that the chances of causing/being involved in an accident are as minimal as possible. Initially drivers may take these issues into account but the chances are that most will eventually return to how they drove before being made aware of these dangerous habits.

However, it is important that this isn’t the case. Making these changes permanently will make the roads a safer place for all those that use them.

It is likely that most drivers can identify at least one, if not more, of these habits that they are guilty of. Next time you are driving try and consider the things from the infographic that you may do whilst driving. Then, make an effort to avoid doing these things. The sooner you start, the sooner you can get rid of these dangerous driving habits!

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