Personal Injury Claims

Public Transport

Have you or anyone you know been involved in a road accident?

In the event you decide to make a claim for compensation for a public transport injury, your claim will be handled quickly and efficiently, but also with sensitivity. We understand how hard suffering an injury through no fault of your own can be, and the potential affect it can have on the lives of you and your family.

Claiming For A Public Transport Incident

If you have been injured whilst using a Public Transport service we can help you claim the compensation you deserve!

One of our most common claims in respect to using public transport is an injury due to falling over whilst the bus is moving, this is usually because the bus has set off before the passenger has had time to sit down, or the passenger gets up before the bus has stopped and sudden or violent braking throws them off balance. However you have been injured on a bus or train talk to us today in complete confidence.

If you are looking at starting an injury claim please check you have the following information which can increase the chances of your success.

  • Gather Witness’s contact Details
  • notify the driver or the company what has happened
  • keep hold of your ticket, this can be used as evidence
  • contact the police
  • Get your injuries checked at a Hospital or Doctors

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